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Oisín Ryan

Oisín Ryan is a PhD candidate at the Department of Methodology and Statistics in the faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences at Utrecht University. Having graduated cum laude from the M&S research masters programme at Utrecht University in 2015, he received an Talent Grant from NWO for the PhD project Not straightforward: Mediation and networks in continuous time under the daily supervision of Ellen Hamaker. This PhD project focuses on the use of differential-equation or continuous-time models for the analysis of dynamic systems in psychology.


Continuous-time (CT) models pose an intriguing alternative to more widely used discrete-time autoregressive models; these models are practically useful as they deal well with observations taken at unequal intervals, as is typical in many experience-sampling designs. However the use of CT models also entail a shift in the perspective with which the dynamic systems we are interested in are viewed. This leads to many major implications for model interpretation: for instance, regarding the calculation and interpretation of path-specific effects, and other causal or quasi-causal notions. The overarching aim of Oisín’s PhD project is to develop a CT approach to mediation and dynamical network analysis, examining how the substantive questions posed applied researchers can better be answered using the framework of CT modelling.


Oisín’s project touches on diverse fields such as SEM, time-series analysis, stochastic processes, formal approaches to causal inference and complex systems analysis. He currently organizes the Causality Reading Group which meets every fortnight. His teaching duties currently include Theory Construction and Statistical Modeling, a bachelor minor course in factor analysis and SEM, and the Mplus Summer School.