Dynamic Modeling Lab


The Dynamic Modeling Lab (DML) develops and evaluates statistical tools that allow social science  researchers to investigate processes as they unfold over time. DML is led by Ellen Hamaker.

DML is part of the Department of Methodology and Statistics, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences, at Utrecht University, the Netherlands.


10-07-2023 New R-package out: hystar by Daan de Jong. Fit, or simulate from, the hysteretic threshold autoregressive model – for studying regime switches with hysteresis in ILD.
27-02-2023 New pre-print online: Schuurman, N. K. A “Within/Between Problem” Primer: About (Not) Separating Within-Person Variance and Between-Person Variance in Psychology. Pre-print [app]


21-08-2023 Our yearly course Modeling the Dynamics of Intensively Longitudinal Data will take place at Utrecht Science Park.
05-06-2023 Various members of DML will present at the Society of Ambulatory Assessment Conference in Amsterdam.
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