Dynamic Modeling Lab

Noémi Schuurman

Noémi Schuurman is an assistant professor at Utrecht University. Her main research interests are idiographic modeling, dynamic modeling, multilevel modeling, Bayesian modeling, networks, scientific integrity, and philosophy of (psychological) science.

In 2016 she received her PhD from Utrecht University. During her PhD project she focused on further studying and developing multilevel vector autoregressive models (multilevel VAR models), which are used to model within-person processes, as well as the differences across people in the processes. In this context she has worked on the optimal way to standardize the multilevel VAR models, on how to specify certain prior(s) for the Bayesian estimation of these models, and on how to account for measurement error in n=1 and multilevel VAR models. After a postdoc in Utrecht and Groningen, Noémi was an assistant professor at the Tilburg University, where she participated in the Tilburg Experience Sampling Center.

For more information on her research, or to download a copy of her dissertation you can visit her personal website.