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  • The Summer School Utrecht offers many courses on statistics and methodology for social scientists and the like; find out more here.
  • Ellen Hamaker will present a Power Snack at Utrecht University on Thursday June 14 about dynamic structural equation modeling.
  • At the Jean Piaget Society Conference in Amsterdam (May 31 – June 2, 2018), Ellen Hamaker is organizing an invited symposium on New methods for studying intra-individual development. Other presenters are Lars-Erik Malmberg (University of Oxford) and Han van der Maas from (University of Amsterdam).
  • Version 8 of Mplus was released on April 21, 2017. It contains a new toolbox referred to as dynamic structural equation modeling (DSEM), which allows for time series analysis and multilevel extensions of this. More information about DSEM in Mplus can be found at the Mplus websiste: https://www.statmodel.com/TimeSeries.shtml (including handouts, papers, scripts, webinars, and our 2-day workshop at Johns Hopkins).
  • To read about the collaboration between Ellen Hamaker and Mplus, click here (in Dutch only).